Monday, October 08, 2007

The Dream school begins

The two hours that we spent at Anna Nagar discussing plans for executing a project, which sometime in the future will cone true, were most exhilarating. I could sense my heart pounding with the excitement, with the knowledge that some day, we could all build a school and since then, a series of schools, for the poor and prise them away - free of cost - from the evil clutches of illiteracy.

We were all sitting in different corners, one set in sultry Chennai, one in rainy Mumbai, one more in distant America, all of us with our ideas of a school of DreamIndia's own.

We have set the ball rolling, the initial challenges have been outlines, the warriors have been identified! It is going to be a long long journey, but the results are going to be wonderful for the poor children across the nation.

With a silent prayer on our lips, we go about our work... Amen!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fight for the Farmer

These are pictures from a candle light vigil organised by the group called Youth for Social Change. Highlighting the plight of the Indian farmer and the numerous suicide cases that are prevalent in areas like Vidharba, the group managed to mobilise public support and create awareness about the injustices meted out to the farmer.