Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Alphabet song

The song in the link given below is very elementary. Many of us might have heard it, many mightn't have. It bought tears to my eyes momentarily. Silly isn't it? I'll give you the reason though.

This set of 26 letters denotes the beginning of education, education in a language that is considered necessary for people to live a comfortable life, in a language that is uniting the world today like no other.

We, at DreamIndia strive to teach these to kids who are unable to gain access to quality teaching in this language because of their poor economical conditions. We hope someday, our nation achieves complete literacy, and I dont mean in the English language alone, thereby unlocking the vast potential that is hidden behind this dam of illiteracy.
Listen to the song here. I hope you now agree that my tears were justified.
Jai Bharat.