Friday, March 23, 2007

What is important in life!

Mr. Sekar works as a typist in Chennai. “If I am able to feed at least four people everyday and also attend to work and also run the family, it is solely because of my wife Savitri,” he says with a smile. “While in school I was friends with a lot of physically challenged children, and that made me make up my mind that I would marry someone who was also physically challenged in some way. Hence I did that. I didn’t even realize that 25 years have passed by. Now my daughter is married and my son is of marriageable age.”

“I am from a town called Jolarpettai and ours was a big family. Father used to be a train driver and he managed the entire family with his salary alone. A small accident lead to his untimely death and I don’t even have the energy to tell you of all the financial struggles that our family went through.”

“It is not only because that we struggled early on that I decided to feed the poor. Even when we were struggling for a decent day’s meal, my mom used to share what little we had with the kids from the neighboring houses. She has been a big influence on me being what I am today.”

“I joined this government job for a salary of Rs.600. More than the struggles I was going through the struggles of others affected me a lot. Finally it all boiled down to saving yourself from hunger. Alone, I cannot feed the entire world, so I decided to feed four people daily. I started off on my mother’s birthday when I visited a Home for the elderly and fed the nice people there. Since 1983 I have been doing this on al special occasions – Childrens’ birthday, Wedding anniversary, Parents’ anniversary – at least 50 different occasions every year.”

And then finally, he beams a smile and says “During marriages, people collect gifts, but I didn’t do any such things during my daughter’s wedding, as all the invitees were people from orphanages and Old Age Homes. Till my last breath I will keep doing this”

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